What is Pilates? 
Pilates is a workout program designed to lengthen muscles as it strengthens them, creating a lean look.  The method was created by Joseph Pilates in the 1920's.  Pilates is intended to be a mind-body exercise, so great emphasis is placed on movement quality, perfecting form, correct posture and breathing.  Pilates is a highly effective way to shape up and slim down!

What does it mean to be Stott Certified?
Read all about Stott Pilates here.

What are the benefits of Pilates? 
-Long, lean and defined muscles
-Abdominal strength and stability
-Increased flexibility and range of motion
-Improved posture and balance
-Stress relief
-Enhanced body awareness

Who can do Pilates?
Anyone!  The Pilates method is suitable for all ages and all body types.  There are a wide variety of modifications and levels of intensity that make Pilates an effective part of anyone's fitness program.  As with any exercise program, it is important to check with a physician before beginning.  If you are pregnant, injured or in any way incapacitated, it is imperative that you get the approval of your doctor first. 

What kind of results can I expect?
Joseph Pilates said, "After 10 sessions you will feel different.  After 20 sessions you will look different.  After 30 sessions you will have a new body." Physically, you can expect a dramatic change in your body.  Energy levels typically improve as well.

How often should I take Pilates? 
The key to changing your body is consistency!  Most people take class 2-3 times a week. 

Can pregnant women take Pilates?
Pilates has long been used safely by pregnant women to learn proper breathing and body alignment.  It also helps improve concentration and prepare the body for labor.  After delivery, Pilates helps you regain your figure quickly. 

Why does my instructor need to be "certified?"
As Pilates grows in popularity, more and more Pilates studios and programs pop up.  Consequently, more and more people begin to teach Pilates.  Unfortunately, not all instructors have completed a thorough course of study that includes an extremely important test to become a CERTIFIED Pilates instructor.  Since the Pilates method is designed to be quite specific, thorough training of Pilates teachers is necessary to maintain the quality and safety of Pilates.  Following is a checklist of what you should consider before signing up with a new instructor.

1. IS MY INSTRUCTOR CERTIFIED?   Many teachers have taken a course of study but have not completed an examination to become certified.  If your instructor cannot show you their certification, keep looking for a teacher. 

2. DID MY INSTRUCTOR GO TO A REPUTABLE SCHOOL?   Well-respected training programs require a written and practical test, lecture, observation, practice and apprentice hours.  If your instructor is certified, spend a few minutes to research the program they graduated from.  A minute or two of your time is well worth your safety.

3. HOW LONG HAS THE INSTRUCTOR BEEN TEACHING PILATES?    As with most professions, practice makes perfect.  A long track record is a good indicator of a quality instructor who has worked with all kinds of clients and has honed their craft. 

4. WHAT IS THE INSTRUCTOR'S / STUDIO'S PHILOSOPHY AND SPECIALTY?    Are they able to handle special needs, injuries and rehabilitation?  A good teacher has gone beyond the basics and can work with clients who have physical limitations, those who may be pregnant or recovering from a pregnancy.

What should I wear?
Mostly, you should be comfortable.  Workout clothing (leggings, tank tops and so on) is the most practical and will allow you to see the muscles you are working, but any comfortable clothing will do.  Do make sure that your workout clothes aren't too baggy; your instructor needs to be able to see your posture and how your body moves.  Don't wear pants with belt loops or anything that may irritate your back while performing the movements.  No shoes or sneakers are necessary.  Pilates is done barefoot or wearing socks.

How do I schedule classes?
To schedule your classes, send us an email, send a text, or call the studio.  

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